Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've fallen in love... with a new nebulizer!

A Breath Actuated Nebulizer... how cool is that?  There is no waste, whatsoever, and the treatment time is fast - faster than any neb I've ever had!  When you breathe in, the neb cup with the medicine pushes down on the air supply, nebulizing the medication, and when you breathe out, it lets up.  SO cool!  It's called the AeroEclipse and I'm going to get a script for them when I leave.  I have been doing research on nebs tonight and was wondering if anyone had any experience with using this neb with Tobi?


Also, I'm set for getting my port a cath in the morning, so I'll make sure to update, hopefully with a picture of it!

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Gem said...

Good luck with Port surgery! THe new neb sounds amazing too!! X