Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today I got THE CALL

I mentioned to several people that because I was going to spend so much time and money on my Halloween costume this year, I would probably end up not getting to wear it because I got a call for lungs.

It was 2:30 this afternoon, I was at the salon, my dear friend Jackie was helping me with my Gaga wig for tonight.  Chris' family had a Halloween party and it was going to be my big costume night for the holiday.  She was teasing the yucky synthetic hair and Kayla brought me my phone.  It was ringing and the caller ID said "Fairview"... I stopped and said, "Oh my god.... Hello?"  It was my coordinator, she asked how I was doing and I asked the same, she then said, "How do some new lungs sound?" I think I replied with 8 or 9 "okays" before she could tell me to calm down (I think at this point Jackie asked me "Is this the call for lungs?" and I was nodding my head) - and then we got disconnected.... so I waited a second for her to call me back, meanwhile, dialing my dad on the salon phone.  I got the info from my coordinator, hugged everyone goodbye and drove (sped) home while calling mom, dad, aunts, boyfriend and other important people.  I think I made 6 phone calls on the short drive home.  I ran inside, grabbed the things I knew I would want (in addition to the bag I already had packed in my car) and went back outside to meet Chris, who had dropped by my house to kiss me goodbye.  We pulled out of the neighborhood just as my mom was pulling in, so she met us at the hangar to say goodbye.  The plane left about 4:15 to minneapolis and we arrived in my room at the hospital at 7 after an ambulance ride from the airport.

When I got here I immediately showered with the special (code for nasty) soap.  They drew lots and lots of blood, did a chest xray, started me on iv antibiotics and ALMOST gave me my first dose of prograf and cellcept BUT the coordinator called just as i was lifting the cup to my mouth and said hold off on taking them, because the people on the other end were still trying to find homes for the other organs.  All I know is that the lungs were holding up fine the last I talked to anyone which was a couple hours ago.  At this point we don't know if it will be minutes or hours before we hear anything more. Anesthesia has been in to talk to me and they told me to get some rest - yeah right!

I will try to text an update when I hear something, but if I don't get the chance, my mom should be updating my caring bridge site:

As Rocco says in the Boondock Saints  "I'll catch you on the flip side!"


Amy said...

I'm so happy/excited/anxious for you I can hardly sleep. I can't even begin to imagine how it must feel for you!

Laura said...

awwww this brought tears to my eyes!! Can't wait to hear from you on the ''flip side" !!! Congrats girl!

L. McPeak

Shannon Steffen - Angel Cove said...

That is TOTALLY awesome! I was told through a friend that you were getting your miracle lungs today and I just had to stop by and tell you that I am sending loads of prayers!

My husband will be celebrating his 6-year double lung transplant on in 12 days (11/11) and he is a CFer as well. It is truly a miracle and I cannot even tell you how awesome life is post transplant. My husband (Greg) has a lung function in the 90's and can run circles around me!

Many blessings! Stay strong and know that you have come too far to give up now! You deserve this!

Aspiemom said...

This is very exciting news! I hope all goes well for you and a quick recovery.

Mariah said...

Justine - we're praying for you. Your courage and great attitude are inspirational. We'll see you soon!

kk said...

I could hardly believe it when Parker gave me the news last night!!
I am SO happy for you sweetie. Hurry home to Wichita with that new set of breathers. I will be thinking of you
everyday till you are back home!!!

Nancy said...

You are in my prayers. Get ready, a whole new life is about to open up before you, I am so excited for you!