Friday, July 31, 2009

back in business

It's been a busy week! My dad and I drove back to Omaha on Sunday to see my doctors. Visited the chiropractor, of course, too. Only news is that my lungs are the same as they were a month ago, which is GOOD! We came home on Tuesday. Zoe missed me - she and Skitter (the beast, my 15 year old cat) have yet to be friends. When Skitter sees Zoe, she growls, hisses and sometimes throws up if she's really pissed. Of course she also attacks any human who approaches her in this state, so we all just stand clear until she hobbles upstairs to sulk. Poor thing! I just hope she lives long enough to become friends, which Zoe so desperately wants to make.
On Wednesday I got a pedicure and bought a ton of books at Barnes & Noble. On Thursday I got my nails done and a hot stone massage. It was a fantastic two days. I have already devoured one book and am in the midst of reading five others! My room is now painted and we're trying to figure out what to do with my closet space, which needs to be remodeled badly! But of course the first thing my dad and I had to accomplish after painting was building Zoe a perch at my window, so she wouldn't have to stand on the bed to look outside. This cat is spoiled rotten! But she's worth it! :) This weekend we're going to focus on finding me new bedding and getting my built in drawers and cabinets cleared, painted and lined so I can start unpacking and moving some of my clothes and junk into my room. It's currently sitting in boxes and piles in the living room and etching away at my mom's sanity by the day. Kidding! But it is getting old having to rummage through everything to find something to wear. The good thing is a lot of it won't be coming upstairs, as I'm finally parting with clothes that I don't or can't wear. And maybe a couple pairs of shoes. Maybe.
All in all, I'm just chipping away at the whole process of unpacking and getting settled. I'm not really in a rush. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment (it's been almost 7 months *gasp*) with an old high school friend. I'm very excited to catch up with her! Our cats are practically engaged! Yeah - call me the crazy cat lady - but if you read my blog, you're going to hear about Zoe sometimes!

Monday, July 20, 2009

home is where ever I am :)

I have officially moved back to Wichita with the folks. I am really glad to be back! Zoe and I moved home Saturday with a big truck load of stuff that I'll be unpacking for (maybe) weeks! I will go back to Omaha next week for a slew of appointments but for now I am busy getting rid of clothes I don't need and painting my room yellow! I will get relisted in Minnesota once I am in touch with the medical flight company here in Wichita. Hopefully ASAP! The good thing is that I'm feeling well at the moment!