Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Long day doesn't even begin to describe today!

Things I did/had done today:
took out the  blown iv in my right fore arm, replaced it with one in my left arm
adjusted my epidural so that my pain was under better control
got my Foley catheter out
pooped (they wouldn't let me eat until I did that, so I really didn't have a choice) in front of a male nurse on a portable commode no less... overcame a lot of fears right there with one act!
went for a walk
ate my first two post transplant meals
got a fruit bouquet, chocolates, balloons and a teddy bear to cuddle
incentive spirometer
peed a lot (lasiks helped out there b/c i was holding onto so much fluid after being on the bypass machine and prednisone)

goals for tomorrow:
get out of icu
one whole lap around the floor
one more chest tube out
break 1000mL on IS