Friday, October 29, 2010

What's next?

Tuesday morning did not go as planned.  My doctor decided she did want to do conscious sedation during the procedure, so I had to get an IV placed.  The nurse blew the first vein but got it in the other arm.

I've never had to take out my contacts for conscious sedation before, so I was unprepared to do so, leaving me nearly blind the rest of the time I was at the hospital.  They wheeled me back and the last thing I remember was looking at the lights on the ceiling thinking "I wonder if they've already given me something" and just then the anesthesiologist says "you're going to feel some medicine"..... An hour later I am back in my bed, first thing I do when I open my eyes is say "Did it work?" and my doctor just shook her head.  Cue groan, roll onto side, pull covers over head.

What I found out later was that my doctor tried unsuccessfully to locate my fallopian tubes for 30 minutes.  This whole procedure from start to finish should take only 5 minutes.  Because it's the wrong time in my cycle (thanks to insurance and administrative errors delaying us), my uterine lining was too thick to have good access to my tubes.  Usually a patient is prepped for this procedure with 30 days of hormone treatment to thin the endometrium, but because of my previous history with blood clots, I wasn't able to do this and we tried to time it with my cycle.  Now my options were to try again in 3 weeks and hope it goes better or to have a Lupron Depot injection and try again in 3 weeks.  The injection suppresses estrogen production and prevents endometrial tissue growth.  Thus for the month that the injection is active I will experience menopause symptoms: hot flashes, emotional lability, night sweats, headache etc... I opted to go with the injection because I would rather only do this once more than possibly twice more.

After a shot in the booty, I was on my way.  My doctor gave me a hug yesterday and told me "You might hate me, but it will be worth it"... I hope she's right... about the being worth it part.  I hope this works!  So far I'm not a raging bitch, my right cheek is just a little tender.  I'll give it a few days before I decide whether or not I'm willing to do time for homicide.

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