Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ill and puny

When I was in lower school and early childhood, kids who were sick didn't go to "the nurse", they went to the "Ill and Puny", a room with a cot by the principal's office.  I can't actually remember if there was ever a sign that said that, but that's what my dad and I called it.  So, today, this is my status.  Thursday I started getting tighter and more congested in my chest, lots of unproductive coughing, sore throat, labored breathing.  Since then it's gotten steadily worse.  That being the case, I haven't left home since Thursday morning.  I finally mustered the energy for a shower tonight after a meager dinner.  It felt good, since I've just felt fuzzy from sleeping so much, but it took a lot out of me.  So much so, that my dad offered to dry my hair - and I let him.  He hasn't done that for a good 15 years!  I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow; I don't want to go in the hospital. :(

I am le tired... signing off now.

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