Sunday, May 2, 2010

I can breathe!

Good news: I'm on the mend!  I woke up this morning and could actually breathe.  I'm still pretty wheezy, with a lot of congestion, but it's moving and I can clear some, which is more than I can say about yesterday.  I feel like I've coughed for days straight, my lungs and throat ache.  I had energy and an appetite, too.  Dad brought me breakfast from McDonald's this morning and I ate first thing after I got out of bed, which may have been a mistake because I didn't get around to doing a vest treatment until 3pm.  I mostly puttered around on the internet and watched my parents figure out their new Topsy Turvy planters from inside.  I had a friend suggest I go out in the sun and get some Vitamin D.  I would love that but there are several reasons I don't go out in the sun:

1) I'm fair skinned

2) I'm on a medication that makes me even more sensitive to the sun than I already am

3) As I plan to become a post-transplant patient someday, I know that I will be immuno-suppressed from then on.  My body will be less able to fight off cancers, including those caused by sun damage.  All of my past sun exposure is working against me, so I've got to be careful.  I'm so glad Aveeno has come out with some high SPF sunblocks!

Therefore, I stayed inside most of the day.  Before dinner I got a spurt of energy and decided to get out of the house and make a run to Walgreen's, as I had 8 prescriptions to pick up.  While I was out I filled up my car with gas and ran it through the car wash.... so now I'm expecting it'll rain tonight or tomorrow.

One more shameless promotion (or demotion): my Blackberry somehow reset, and while I still have phone numbers, all of my pictures and ringer settings are gone, so I keep jumping every time my phone makes an unexpected noise.


Ok I'm done.

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Laura said...

Glad your on the mend 'teeny'!! lol

Laura MCPeak