Friday, August 8, 2008

a quick update before the weekend:

Boy, do I sympathize with anyone who has back pain! I could hardly walk upright yesterday. Vicodin weren’t even helping. I spent a lot of time laying down with a heat pack on it yesterday and didn’t make it to rehab. I don’t know why my back has been so bad since I’ve been home. Today it was a little better, so I’m hoping it’s getting stronger and that I must have just overdone it this week.

We went to Sam’s club today to stock up on essential items. We also picked up a bottle of Grey Goose… it was $10 cheaper than at the grocery store so we decided to try it! I did pretty good walking around the store. It’s always a little easier when I can lean on the cart while we go. I’ve had a pretty good week, though aside from my back.

We had sushi with Beth and Missy on Wednesday night and even got to sit outside because it was so nice! Afterward we went over to Missy’s place and I got to play with her kitten, Macey! If you know me at all you know I absolutely love kitties! I was in heaven! She lives on the third floor and I could actually go up the stairs without stopping! It’s been a year since I could do that.

Last night we ordered pizza because my back was too tired to stand and cook anything. It was really really good, though. It’d been a while since I had really good pizza. This afternoon we made chili for the weekend and tonight after my treatment gets done we’re going to grill out. I’m so excited that I’m feeling so good lately. It's a new feeling!


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