Monday, July 21, 2008

weekend with the family in town

Alright, I'm finally starting this thing. I will need something to do for the next two weeks anyway.

So this weekend started off with my family coming in to town (Mom, Dad and aunts Patti and Karen). I was already feeling short of breath and my oxygen saturation had been below ninety much of the last week, so I was not as perky and fun as I wanted to be. Friday night we went to eat at Roja and wouldn't you know it my dish was cooked wrong and I actually had to send something back, which I've never done. Saturday we spent the afternoon at Horsemen's Park drinking beer, eating bar food and betting on the live races. I had one success in picking the first and second places in the one race I went outside to watch, but it was a $47 win so I was happy. I actually saw my 2nd place horse pull ahead just in time to see him cross the finish. It was so nice to go there and have it be smoke-free inside. Last time I went there two years ago I ended up coughing up blood because there was so much smoke. Saturday night we had a really late dinner (9pm!) but the food was well worth the wait. We finally had a real homecooked meal in our apartment with my whole family here. Sunday we went to a party at my cousin's house for her daughter's baptism and we got to see a lot of family who were in town for that. It was probably Sunday morning when I started feeling odd. I felt dizzy and hot most of the time and had no appetite, even though I hadn't eaten yet. We ended up taking off earlier than everyone else and I wore my oxygen all the way home. When we got home I shoved some food in me, didn't even take time to get a drink or take my shoes off. Immediately after I crashed and napped for 2 hours solid. When I woke up I felt like I'd slept on my neck wrong. At dinner I couldn't stop shivering and was less than hungry, even nauseated by my SUSHI (which if you know me, I love sushi more than anything). After I got home I threw up what little I had eaten and was running a 103 degree fever, which broke before bed. Today I was even more achey all over in the morning, no fever, but now, the aches are almost unbearable. No real appetite today, which isn't good because I should not be losing weight, but gaining. Since getting listed for double lung transplant I need to maintain and gain weight. All I had today was 1/4 of a bagel, some coffee, half a bowl of soup and a piece of pizza. Kind of an ecclectic mix, and none of it was very good. I took a shower a litle bit ago but I'm still stiff and sore all over. The Dr's office didn't get back to me about my symptoms specifically, but I'm getting admitted in the morning for my usual 2 week stay at the med center, so they'll be able to see how I'm doing then. That's all for tonight, I think. I have to pack and get a vest treatment done before I can go to bed, which I plan on doing early. I'm not hungry and will probably wait until after my treatment to try to eat anything. I can't eat after midnight anyway because I'll be sedated tomorrow to get my PICC line in my arm. It is going to be a long day, I have a feeling. :-\


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