Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just a quick update for today:

I woke up today feeling really crummy and tight in my chest but over the course of the day I felt better and better. Todd coming up really motivated me to feel better so we could go down and get lunch in the cafeteria. I'm already tired of the whole room service menu. My CPT (chest physical therapy) treatments were all on time today, which is extremely unusual. I didn't get a nap in until about 5 and then I slept until my next treatment at 7:30 - I was tired from all of the coughing I've done today. I strained one of my long side muscles so the coughing hurt more than usual. Weight is up to almost 118 (BMI 20.9) which is good news, but I think a lot of it is water weight since I've been on 24 hour IV fluids. Not much else to say, really. It was a pretty typical day in the hospital. I'm a little spaced out, too, from the benadryl, so I'm done writing for now. :P

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