Tuesday, July 22, 2008

first day in the hospital

Well I'm all settled in my room at the med center. It took until 2:00 to get it and it is the tiniest room on the floor, and I'm less than excited about it. It's also got a straight shot view of the elevators so everyone who walks this way can see right into my room if my door's open.

It was another two hours before I got my PICC line in. They sedated me, so I was loopy enough not to mind. I'm doing better now, got a pain med in me for my aches and I'm waiting for my dinner (I am starving!). My PICC doesn't hurt yet, which is good, because they're usually painful for me. It's in my right arm, too, so I was worried I would have limited mobility, but none so far!

One of the IV antibiotics they're going to use makes me itchy (I guess it's a slight allergy) which I'm not looking forward to, but they'll try to combat the reaction with benadryl before hand. It's the only drug that can treat one of the infections in my lungs, so I guess that's what has to be done. Anyway, that's just a quick update for now.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Justine-

Katie and I just wanted to say hi and to keep being tough while in the hospital. We're definitely thinking about you and wish you were up here - we'd definitely come visit! Or we wish we'd be down there too, as that would work too! Hope Todd's keeping you company and the nurses and doctors are being nice. We miss seeing you and Todd - I guess we'll see you sometime in the next year....

Stay tough - you'll be back on horses in no time!

Andy and Katie Kummer