Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time for an update!

I have little to report on the health front.  Hot and humid weather causes me significant breathing issues, so I try to stay inside as much as possible.  Unfortunately, inside usually means sedentary at the computer for a gross (as in disgusting) amount of hours.  I'm in the middle of a reading ebb.  Not doing as much as I have been.  It's just too stinkin' hot.  I've been sitting in my room, enjoying my fan & my Scentsy flameless scented candles and collecting dust.  I do have a cat to entertain me, so here's what Zoe's been up to lately.

Pog-rich.  Yes, pogs ... I can't believe I still had (had, being the key word, as they went directly in the trash following this photo) these tucked away somewhere.  This photo taken in the style of Stuff On My Cat.  
Chasing her tail in a her new bukkit.
Harassing Skitter.
Annoyed that her scratching post has become my Helios resting station.
Found a bubble wrap bed.
Actually it looks more like a coffin.
Tuckered out.  Getting into so many things is exhausting when you're little.  

Hopefully this week will bring a call.  I'm very, very ready to get some new hardware installed.  My good friend, Cystic Gal got her lungs on Tuesday!!!  I got a text from her yesterday and SHE CAN BREATHE!  I'm so happy for her!  I'll leave you with one last photo of me, sporting my Cystic Gal t-shirt!  


Aspiemom said...

I know what you mean about the weather. Last I checked, this afternoon, our heat index was 106 and rising. The next 3 days the actual temp is supposed to be 100 and higher. The humidity just makes it worse.

I get so tired of staying inside and, like you, it means not much exercise! I've been reading and listening to audio books on my MP3, but today broke down and got 2 DVD's from Redbox.

Stacey said...

I say bring on the Fall already! I can't stand the heat either. You look great sporting that CG shirt!

Skye is the Limit! said...

I love pogs.

Katey said...

I love the pictures!!! I noticed that you follow my blog. Sorry I am just now getting around to following has been a little crazy lately. I've been in your steps before...waiting anxiously for the call. I was basically a prisoner to my own home the year before my transplant (of course when I wasn't in the hospital) I definitely had lots of computer time (probably too

It's ridicously hot here where I live too. I get exhausted just walking from my car to a store (even though I've had a transplant...that heat drains you)

Praying that your special call comes soon! God always has the perfect timing and the perfect set of lungs for you. Hang in there...and if you ever have any questions...feel free to ask!