Friday, July 16, 2010

OMLG Twinkies!!!!

The last time I was in the joint (for those of you who don't follow, I mean the hospital) a friend and her daughter were coming up to visit me.  She called while she was at the convenience store to see if I wanted any junk food - um, YES!

Side note: When I have been in the hospital in Nebraska, they have a convenience store in the hospital, so it's an elevator ride away to my heart's content, provided I don't mind lugging an iv pole and oxygen tank with me.

She was naming off items in front of her and I stopped her, "Do they have Twinkies?  I haven't had a Twinkie in years!"  I was in luck, she brought me 2 2-Packs and right before bed I thought I'd have one... Just kidding, I ate all 4 of them.  A I was sitting among sticky plastic and cardboard wrappers I knew that I would have to get more Twinkies, STAT.  My Twinkie addiction was off and running!

Luckily I was in the hospital in my hometown and Daddy, my dealer/enabler, is just a phone call away.  The next day he brought me a box of 10 of them, but warned me they might not be very good because the filling was green.  I opened the bag and saw what he meant - Shrek Twinkies!  I think they were even more delicious than regular Twinkies.

Boxes and boxes of Twinkies later, and several pounds gained, I have decided to make a diary of my Twinkie consumption on Twitter.

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Let's just see how many Twinkies I eat.  I will not be altering my pattern of Twinkie-eating in any way, so what you're reading will be actual, real-time Twinkie ingestion.

Bon AppeTwinkie!

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