Sunday, December 6, 2009

loaded update

 I've had a busy past 10 weeks! I did NOT have H1N1! Since my last update I've been on IV antibiotics, traveled to Omaha to see my doctor, traveled to Minnesota for another biannual pre-transplant evaluation and been re-listed on the transplant list! I've also learned that I have gall stones and am waiting (not so patiently) to hear back from my doctors about whether they will remove my gall bladder before transplant or wait to do it during my transplant. I have been told that I'm "very callable" and that "there aren't many people ahead of me" on the list. This is exciting news! I am preparing to receive a call any day. Please pray for my donor's family, as they will be experiencing a great loss just as I am given a new chance at life. Hopefully the next update will be news about a call!!

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