Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i love the interwebz

I'm so thankful that spring is here!  Life is just better when it's not cold outside.  The past few days I have felt amazingly well - my oxygen sats have even been better.  It seems to be transplant season, too!  Two of my good CF friends have gotten new lungs in the past 32 days.  Following other CFers' stories and pictures surrounding transplant, I feel like I'm practicing for my own transplant.  I'm becoming familiar with the process from getting the call to dry runs to recovery.  Thank god (or maybe Al Gore?) for the internet - it's become such an important tool in networking for CF patients.  Doctors tend to discourage contact among CFers because of the risk of exposure to new bacteria (which grow easily in the lungs, causing more infection and scarring), so through blogs and chat and facebook groups, I have been able to meet and share experiences with dozens of CFers whom I would have never had the chance to otherwise meet. (It helps that I'm already at the computer doing vest and aerosol treatments for several hours a day)

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BSercus said...

Amen to that, sistah!