Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today I had sinus surgery. This week the doctor's office had called me 3 different times to reschedule the time, so I wasn't shocked when I was there and prepped for surgery at 1030 and the doctor didn't show up for an hour. Way to keep the patient stress-free! The procedure went well and I was home 3 hours later. Mom and Dad came up yesterday and they're taking care of me today. We had an amazing home cooked meal by Mom! I just wish I could have tasted it a little bit more. All I had before dinner today was 2 pieces of toast around 2 after my surgery. They warned me to try not to cough or sneeze (as if I can control it) and NOT to blow my nose. I managed not to cough all day much until after dinner when I had to finally.

***NOT for WIMPS to read***

All of a sudden I felt the gauze under my nose get warm and I made it to the sink just in time to rip it off and have two steady streams of blood gushing (yes, that's the most fitting word) out of my nose. After I got that under control I decided against doing a vest treatment tonight because I just wasn't quite healed enough for coughing. I'm in a little pain tonight, but they gave me some meds for that. I'm hoping tonight I don't have to wake up and cough or have a nose bleed while I'm asleep.

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